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CR-Credit packs for everyones budget!


News, Updates

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CR-Credit packs for everyones budget.

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More info

  • Network updates
    Our network is always updated as soon as possible to the latest version of minecraft.
  • Protected network
    Our network is protected against DDoS, spam and other malicious hacks.
  • Plugins
    Only 25% of our plugins are custom_plugins. 75% come directly from spigot and are only from known authors or premium plugins.
  • Premium hardware
    We use premium hardware to host our servers. Located at Roubaix, France.
  • Downtime
    If there is downtime for maintenance our updates we inform before on our website at news, updates.
  • Terms of Service
    This we have to protect our members from the dangers on the internet as well 4Creation! Check the terms_of_service.

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