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Dear Members and staff of MC-4Creation,

Today the admin team has been in a call about the future of the server.

They have been thinking about Converting DRC and MC-4Creation into 1 server called DRC.

What does this mean:
This means that the server will be called DRC in the future. so any trace of MC-4Creation will be removed.

Do we keep our rank:
As of this moment you will keep your rank. but we will be thinking about how to deal with people that have a rank.

Do we keep our progress on the server?:
Almost all the servers will be converted to DRC exept Standalone Survival as DRC already has a Survival.

When the Convertion takes place the forum will be removed as well.

From the whole staff team,

We hope to see you guys on DRC and keep up mining


MC-4Creation Staff Team
Dear Members,

Today we have been notified that the server is down.

We are working on solving this problem was quick as possible.
there will be a update when we know more.

4Creations staff team

Update : 04/15/218 4:37 PM = Lobby + Faction/Bending is back online. if you joined after February you have to register again.
04/15/218 5:24 PM = Faction/Magic is back online. if you joined after February you have to register again.
04/15/218 5:42 PM = Server is Back online tanx for the wait
Dear members,

We would like to inform everyone that our network will be down for maintenance
Thursday, March 1, 2018 1:00 AM till Thursday, March 1, 2018 5:00 AM

We would like to see you all back after the update!

Dear players,

Our network is back online!

As you already know, our network was down for unexpected reasons.

  1. We did a backup of the servers included databases.
  2. Update and fixing the technical issue that cause the downtime of "Node 1"
  3. Uploading servers and databases back to "Node 1"
  4. And some small changes in couple of days (you won't know)

This means everything is how it was before the unexpected downtime, so nobody lost anything on the servers.

Ps: It will never happen again ;)
Hello players,

Our network is down for maintenance, this was unexpected (bugg).

We are doing everything to be back online and to prevent this in the future.
Hello players,

We updated and did some improvements on the website & forum system.
Now the shop "mc.4creation.pro/shop" is available again :heart:.

More details about the updates & improvements:
  • Forum version updated "currently page".
  • Forum style updated "currently page".
  • Forum addons updated "currently page".
  • Social buttons added on forum (iframe).
  • Forum security
    increased (against spammers).