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Hello Players,

:party: The 4Creation-Team wishes you all a happy and enjoyable New Year. :party:
  • Also thank you to all our players that enjoy our network ;)

Here we have a nice 2017 memory of our members that are playing on the Faction/Bending.
(thanks to dragarcher2 for the picture)

Hello everyone,

The recreation and update for the server Faction/Bending is completed.

Now you and your friends can have fun on it with bending and other features we added to give you a experience that you will never forget ;)

Details about the update:
  • Spawn slightly modified
  • Updated to minecraft "1.12.2"
  • Everything is configured the same way like the other servers we made
  • FactionShop prices are changed and more items are for sale
  • Signs on Turret, CustomEnchants and Kit house are changed and there are holograms now (we did this to make it easier for everyone)
  • Main-Command (/4CR or /4Creation) is recreated like the other servers we made...
Hello players,

Info: MC-4Creation will be offline on +- 3/11 and 4/11 also some of the servers will be down for maintenance for the next days.

4Creation will start a new part of his life LoL, and want to anounce Host-4Creation.

  • What is Host-4Creation ?
Is a new part of 4Creation where we offer "web and game hosting" also we are be able to host teamspeak servers and much more.

  • When will be Host-4Creation public ?
I don't know at the moment i have much work to do also i need to keep MC-4Creation running.

  • What it has to do with MC-4Creation ?
Cause that MC-4Creation is not lagg free, we will move the servers to our nodes so you can play lagg free :)

If you have questions about this feel free to post on this thread.
Hello dear players,

Network Update:
-Server Minecraft Version Updated To 1.12.2
-Now, The server will be automatical compatible with the newest minecraft versions!

(means that newer versions can join our server without been kicked, on that time we can update our server without to be rushed)
-Versions that are able to join on our server: 1.10+ (1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x)

Your Admin, dragarcher2
Dear Members Of 4Creation,

Due to unforeseen reasons, We need to extend the Faction/Bending for the opening.
We are terrible sorry for extending the Bending server.

Hope i see your guys soon!

Your Admin, dragarcher2
Hello dear players,

Network Fixes;
- Vote rewards are comming in again (we are willing to give all the rewards of the votes you did from 01/08-09/08. The only thing you need to do is send samy or me a message.)
- Servers are updated to the newest version of minecraft (1.12.1)
- Faction/Magic: able to drop your wand.

This server will get released between 09/09 and 10/09

Join fast maybe you'll find a reward!

Ps: We are still looking for staffmembers. All the information can be found at Forums>Staffteam>How to apply for support?