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Hello players,

Cause a update on the shop of 4Creation, there is some buggs on the webdesign of our shop.
These buggs will be Solved in the comming weeks.

  • The shop will be offline until it is solved.

If you can't wait to buy CR-Credits feel free to contact @samyratchet or @scorpiddd on this website. You will get your CR-Credits manually and get a discount of 25%.
Hello everyone,

I want to anounce that the network is updated to the last version of minecraft "1.12"
1.12 update is named to world of color update

In the new version of minecraft you can find a lot of new blocks (most colorblocks) and user friendly interface.

Servers that are online:
  • Faction/Magic
  • Standard/Survival
Servers that are offline:
  • Faction/Bending (recreation and update)
  • SkyWorld (under contruction)

I hope you love the network with the newest minecraft version ;)
Hello everyone,

Our staff team is going to have exams soon.
That means we will be less active.
They will be going from 08/06/2017 to 26/06/2017.
After that we will be active again.

All good luck with your exams !:sun:

4Creation team
Hello players,

I want to announce that the developer has added a log-out option in the lobby.
You can find it in the 9th slot of your inventory.
If you right click on the log-out option then you will log-out and you need to identify again.

This is to prevent that friends or someone of your family abuse your account.

You also don't have to log-in within the 30 min. (if you didn't log-out) when you come back to the server.

4Creation team
Hello 4CR-Players,

Today the Faction/Magic video trailer is released.

You can watch it here:

Subscribe and/or leave a message on the video :)
Hey Everyone,

As you all know is the network temporarily in maintenance mode.
You're probably wondering why? Because we changed from host and an improvement of the infrastructure.

Little information about our network:
  • The reopening of the network will take place on:
    09/05/2017 at 20:00/8:00 PM CEST
  • Network Timezone: +2:00
  • The servers that will open: Faction/Magic And Standard/Survival
  • At the moment we are working on a better Faction/Bending Spawn and this takes longer than we thought
  • New Host: Hosted on premium hardware, located at Munich, Germany.
For more information send us a msg!