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Hello Everyone,

Its me again, dragarcher2.
Your guys probably think why I am placing the news again.
Strange but true because I'm back again!
Reason: SchoolWork

I hope to see you all to the server!

You have questions about the server? You always can send me a message on the site!

Good Luck,
dragarcher2 The Admin Aka Support Leader
Hello players,

We have updated our forum system:

  • Forum system updated.
  • New look for the forums, (the same as the head page mc.4Creation.pro).
  • Removed old smilies and added new one :heart::poop::idea::party::confused::(;):):cold_sweat: and much more.
  • New rating system:
  • added option to like messages on shoutbox, also the person you like receive a notification.
  • Steam 4Creation link added on the footer.

And much more changes.
Hey Everyone,

It's me again but maybe for the last time:(.
I would like to inform you that I have taken my resignation so it doesn't stay in the way of my school.
I hope I see you guys in the future, and that the server will grow 10 x bigger than it already is.

Finally, I would like to thank all what they have accomplished to make what the server is today.
(And be sure to Samyratchet and Scorpiddd)

Thank you all!
Your Ex~Admin Dragarcher2
Hello players,

We give all players a discount code of 30% on our shop for the start of the new year 2017.

Discount code: HAPPY2017
This code you can use on our shop: mc.4creation.pro/shop

the code is available until 14/01/2017

Happy new year 2017 :p
Hello players,

The owners have tried to take down our network with bots: unsuccessfull
But the problem was that our network was lagging because of the tests.

This problem is solved.

How it works now:
If our network is under attack (bot attacks). It switches automatically to premium to keep the bots out of the servers. In that time only the players who bought a minecraft account can join our network.
When the attack stops. It switches automatically back to cracked, so cracked players can join again.


Also the owners have tried to check that our staffmembers can see the passwords of players when they login or register on the server: unsuccessfull

How it...
Hey Dear Members,

Maybe you already know, but our server is updated to the latest version called 1.11+.
Lower than 1.11 will now will no longer work anymore!

-Admin ak Support Leader