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Hey Everyone,

Maybe you had seen it already but our server is currently in maintenance mode!
  • Updating server to 1.11 and above
  • Making The Security Stronger
  • Fixing of Bugs
the server will be about on 28/12 ready!

-Admin ak The Support Leader
Hello Dear Members,

The staff team is back and we're back with a lot of new things!
Staff will be back this means that we're going to work as hard as possible on the server.
I hope you all can reunion on the server!

-Admin ak The Support Leader
Hey Dear Members,

The Staff Is Currently Inactive By The Exams,
So this means that there is normally little or almost none of the staff online.
This will be about last until the Christmas Holidays (24 December 2016)

I wish you all a happy holiday and good exams,

Good Luck dragarcher2
Hey My Dear Members,

There will be for 4Creation next week provided an update to 1.11 until our login system is ready.
At the moment we made our server Compatible, This means that you can join de server with Version 1.11,
But you have the novelties of the 1.11 not yet in availability on the server.

This is temporary until we update our network go to 1.11

This to make it easy for our members, we will keep you informed via the website for the update

Good Luck, The Staff
Hey Everyone,

We can't update to 1.11 for Technical Reasons,
We have a problem with the login system so we can't change to 1.11
We hope to update the next week to 1.11 so you can enjoy the newest version on our network.

Good Luck, The Staff
Hey Everyone,

As you already suspected two days ago is 1.11 in release, That means that we update our server to 1.11. .
Next week all servers will be updated Saturday around 22:00 hours to the new and better version of minecraft 1.11

So I hope you all are waiting to enter the server to play on a very new version!
(Ps, Server will be offline at all for this day)

Good luck, The Staff