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Hello Everyone,

I wonder what everyone find of the staff at this time.
So I want to ask you to be honest when filling out the poll.

What I expect of you when filling out the poll:
  • Be honest when filling out the poll.
  • You voted for good or lower than good? Send to dragarcher2 what we can improve in the staff to make a better team.
  • Watch out you only have 1 vote!
The staff contains for the moment:
  • {Support; 1Stienie2, Superstefa, player, Manjo123, Wireloss, xXAscennatiXx, macymho14}
  • {Mod; Nobody At This Time}
  • {Admin; dragarcher2 and Prinsborsthaar}
  • {Owner; Samyratchet}
The applications for support are still open.
Would you like to apply?...
Hey Everyone,

The bending plugin has a new updated.
These novelties are:

  • Fixed Spout movement
  • Fixed Tremorsense click ability activating constantly
  • Fixed SandSpout canceling flight on deactivation
  • Fixed Combos being executed too soon.
  • /bending help auto tabbing displays combos you have access to, not all of them.
  • New EarthArmor
    • Effects - EarthArmor gives Absorption rather than resistance and dampens fire damage.
    • Duration - Your EarthArmor remains on until you either disable it manually by Shift-Clicking on your bound slot, or until you run out of absorption hearts. It does not time out on its own.
    • Color - The color of your EarthArmor depends on the blocks used to source it
  • New...
Hey everyone,

As you know we are working on faction/magic at the moment but we also are putting much time in SkyWorld.
The Owner has invested a lot of money to make the SkyWorld as cool as possible.

SkyWorld will be our own special gamemode that is fully created by 4Creation.

Hope u guys can wait for this cool experience
And also we hope you guys understand that we are putting much time and money on this

If we have more information about this feature you will find it on our forum

Kind Regards,

the Staffteam
Hey Everyone,

As you can see already the title of the topic, we are at the moment working on Faction/Magic, and there was much in demand for magic and we hope to attract this many members.
There will be many novelties, new systems and many new things.
You will be some pending should be, but the time will come.
I hope you will be happy with this information because there will be a lot of work and money in it.
So donations are always welcome.

Good luck everyone even further, The Staff
Hello Dear players,

The bending plugin in the server Faction/Bending is updated and the most buggs on ability's are gone.
  • Avatarstate and spiritbeam is fixed
  • The most bending ability's with buggs are fixed
  • We added more ability's in the ability Shop /4Creation
We know that there is a bugg in the bendingboard and we gona to fix this soon as possible
If you found buggs, report it on the forum:

Greets from the Staffteam;)
Hello Everyone,

Faction/Bending is back with a whole bunch of new releases.
The new novelties are:

  • New and easier ticket plugin with books
  • Some monsters are benders (Skeleton, ZombiePigMan, Zombie)
  • Improved menu system
  • Bending ability shop added
  • Bending plugin checked (This can unfortunately not yet without buggs, the plugin is still in beta)
Do you have any further questions, you can always contact us.
Good Luck, Your Best Staff ;)