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Hey Everyone,
As you can see on the title of the topic will Faction/bending temporarily go offline.
Why and when all this takes place:

  • The Temporarily offline will take place at 9th of september around 17:00 / PM 5:00
  • Faction/bending will temporarily be closed because they go fixing some bugs and glitches
  • Faction/Bending will get back on the 11th around 21:00 / PM 9:00
  • Watch Out! we are in a +1 time zone!!!
Do you have more questions about this happenning? You can always contact me.
Your Favorite Staff :)
Hello Everyone, o_O

I wonder what everyone find of the staff at this time.
So I want to ask you to be honest when filling out the poll.
What I expect of you when filling out the poll:
  • Be honest when filling out the poll.
  • You voted for good or lower than good? Send to dragarcher2 what we can improve in the staff to make a better team.
  • Watch out you only have 1 vote!!!
  • You can no longer change of vote!!!
  • We ask the staff not to voten
The staff contains for the moment:
  • {Support; 1Stienie2, Superstefa, Silentbrother, dragarcher2}
  • {Admin; Prinsborsthaar}
  • {Owner; Samyratchet}
The applications for support are still open.
Would you like to apply?...
Hello Everyone,
As you already see on the title of the post is Standard/Survival almost open.
  • The opening will take place on the 12th of September around 23:00/ 11:00 PM.
  • and a complete survival without ranks etc.
We hope you will be there at that time.

Good luck, your staff :)
Hello Everyone,
We are still looking for good and experienced players on the server.

  • You get a lot of knowledge about the server?
  • You play for a long time on 4creation?
  • And You can spend a lot of time to the server?

Do you meet these requirements and would you like to be part of the staff?
You can always apply for support/helper by the Owner-samyratchet.

Good luck even further,
Message From The Staff
Hello Everyone, Have you already seen our social media? Not yet? We are at the moment can be found at: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and of course the website itself.

What can you Expect on that Social Media's:

  • You can find Update's News on the social Media's
  • You can very if you have any complaints about something or someone.
  • Each staff member has every time about a media so the social media is normally Up-To-Date
  • And much more....
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