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Top Messages

  1. BOBtheKINGofYOU: Lobby is back online but the gamemodes will be off a bit ;)
  2. BOBtheKINGofYOU: were currently working hard on our new update :p
  3. BOBtheKINGofYOU: Bending Mobs are working again! :eek: ;) come and see them
  4. snacnak: hey
  5. MCJNuggetsYA: Hi there
  6. samyratchet: Welcome on our website players :)
  7. samyratchet: test
  8. dragarcher2: Ofcourse
  9. player: can i still sign in to be a staff member
  10. player: hey
  11. 1stienie2: hoy hoy its my
  12. Wireloss: heyhey