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Head Rules

Discussion in 'Servers Rules' started by samyratchet, Jul 21, 2016.

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    as everyone knows we have certain rules to ensure calm, fun and safety on the servers!
    These rules apply across the entire minecraft network of 4Creation.

    Stick to the rules or you will risk to be banned on the network!

    Rule [R1](level 5): Hackclients, hacks against 4Creation and other similar hacks are not allowed!
    Rule [R2](level 2): Only english on chat! Spamming, caps and swear words are not allowed!
    Rule [R3](level 3): Maximum 3 accounts are allowed!
    Rule [R4](level 2): Respect everybody!
    Rule [R5](level 4): Advertising is not allowed!
    Rule [R6](level 1): Do not ask for stuff, Op powers, fly or CR-Credits!
    Rule [TOS](level 5): Check the terms_of_service ! this is a new regulation to protect our members and 4Creation for the dangers on the internet.

    The rules have a code name example: [R1] [R22] ...
    It's become easier way for you to designate which rule you have broken by giving the code name of the rule, which gives to you a duty to go to the website and read the rule again!

    each rule has a separate level example: (level 5)
    each level let you know what you would normally receive if you break the rule

    level 5: instant IPban or terminate your access to 4Creation
    level 4: ban or timeban for a month
    level 3: timeban for 2 weeks
    level 2: kick or timeban for 24 hours
    level 1: kick or jail
    The punishment depends on the situation at that moment ! (this is a tip for the staffteam)

    IMPORTANT: The rules are for everyone, there is no discussion possible!
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    If these rules are not respected there will be consequences for the person who violate the rules.
  3. sorry to say but i found a hacker and his name is lolpaster here is a photo with him flying and fighting__epikkvest__ 2017-12-31_18.44.17.png 2017-12-31_18.44.17.png
  4. Thanks for the report, but next time report here:
  5. i could not find it

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