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Standard/Survival Commands

Discussion in 'Standard/Survival' started by dragarcher2, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Standard/Survival doesn't have as many commands but not so much also means that there is still commands.
    These commands are:

    • /4cr (=The General menu system of 4creation)
    • /Ticket New (=If there is anything with hackers, a bugg or something else you can always use this ticket plugin)
    • /Money Send "Name" 'Amount' (=Send a player money)
    • /Money (= To see your balance)
    • /Lobby (=Go back to the lobby)
    Do you have any questions about something of Standard/Survival? Then you can always contact us.
    Good Day Further;), Your friendly Staff
  2. i got banned again
  3. Hello yorick, its a automatical protection to defend the network against hackers, you are banned because you have 10x entered the wrong password, normaly you are banned for only 1 hour.

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